Lalande Title offers everything you need for your real estate title transaction.

We're a trusted title service company that services all of Acadiana with professional title services that make your title real estate transactions stress free. No matter if you're buying or selling a home, a Realtor, lender or a builder, we can help you. 

Title Insurance

One of our primary roles in the closing process is to provide title insurance. Title insurance is a policy that insures against unknown claims made to the ownership of property. For a one-time fee paid at closing, we provide the parties to a real estate transaction with assurance that title to the property is valid and enforceable for as long as they have an interest in the property. We back up this assurance with an insurance policy issued by a national underwriter for the full purchase price or loan amount.



Escrow refers to the neutral, third party that handles the funds, documents and tasks specific to the closing process, as it has been outlined in the purchase agreement or sales contract. As Escrow Officer, we impartially carry out the written instructions given by the Buyer, Seller and Lender, including final delivery of all items to the proper parties upon the successful completion of escrow.



We are committed to making the closing process a professional, engaging and memorable one for all parties. During closing, we will execute all legal documents with the Buyer and Seller and transfer title to the Buyer. We will also disburse funds held in escrow as laid out in the Closing Disclosure or HUD-1 Settlement Statement. After closing, we will record all legal documents with the Clerk of Court, forward all closing documents to the Lender and issue title insurance policies.